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Bohun: revenge
Title: Bohun: revenge
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Category: Action, Fighting
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Description: Ukraine, XVI-th century. The southern part of the country borders with the Crimean Khanate's land, which is headed by the brutal and bloody ruler Chuluk-Bay. Regiments of horde mercilessly attacked the ukrainian land, plundering and killing them, small children and women were taken in slavery. But there were those who resisted the conquerors - legendary warriors cossacks. Council of Elders elected cossack Bohun for hazardous mission - to destroy the leader of the horde Chuluk-Bey. There are rumors that Chuluk-Bay worships dark Gods and he takes his strength from them. But Bohun has also secret - light mother-earth's wisdom. He is ready to apply it against Dark Khan to conquer and liberate his people. Bohun will steal in the den of Chuluk-Bay in the night to avoid the numerous enemy forces. Good luck to him.
Instructions: WASD/Arrow keys: Move123456/Mouse: Attack
Controls: fire = na; jump = na; movement = mouse;
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