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Random platformer 2 – patternformer
Title: Random platformer 2 – patternformer
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Category: Action
Description: do not fall. patterns will randomly apear (1~level*10).
Instructions: [Arrow] keys to move [Shift] to jump press [Ctrl] to slow down to 0.3 release [Shift] or press[Down Arrow] during jumping to immediatly fall down (It makes vertical speed to zero) game will faster untill the speed is 2.0 . If there are no remain levels, gameSpeed will over 2.0 . in each 8 levels, life will be +1 not depend on your dead. It's just bonus. screen-over is allowed, but It is not recommended. platform is just move to left (not screen scrolling), and If platform's x is <-800 it will destroy. and red vertical bar is on leftmost patterns will be created on right (800~1600, right of screen) comment: It's not actually random, becaus it displays pattern previously made by me There are 50 patterns only, but in a few days my game is not better on my hand and I decided just to upload and to do not more work on it I can update this but it's possibility is low sorry for poor english :)
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