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Rotary combat
Title: Rotary combat
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Description: You are the captain of a space ship which uses teleportation to travel between planets. Your recent mission was to bring some rare medical supplies from a distance planet to your home planet. This medicine is crucial to cure from a deadly virus spreading in your home planet. However due to a technical fault you landed on a very hostile environment and it takes another 60 seconds to charge your engines to teleport home. Enemies are attacking at you and your survival is doubtful. Your mission is to survive for 60 seconds, eliminate enemies and teleport home safely.
Instructions: 1. Your ship is in the middle of the map. 2. Beware of incoming enemies, projectiles and survive for 60 seconds. 3. Keep an eye on health level. 4. You have only 2 simple actions: rotate and attack. 5. Use keyboard [A] ,[D] keys or move mouse (depending on the control setup selected) to rotate towards enemies to attack. 6. Use [LEFT] mouse button to hit enemies using the rotating weapon (which looks like a rotating metal wheel with blades). 7. You can press [Esc] key to go back to "Game Mode Selection". 8. Keep your speakers ON to hear sounds, but with a lower volume to prevent hearing damage. (use [Tab] key to turn ON / OFF sounds).
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